Friday, May 6, 2011

From brother in law, Harry

My sister's husband, Harry, sends this one our way - it's very funny! Cats of War!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I love paws!!!

I love paws, particularly cat paws. Here are Dulce's.

She's settling in nicely - is a real chow hound and getting a little round belly.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New kitty

"Hello world, my name is Dulce!"

As a few of you might know, our precious Ditto left one Saturday and didn't come home. When Ditto came to us, he was an outside cat - he'd moved into our barn and then into our home. All I can say about our boy is this - he was a splendid, sleek, panther who loved us and loved our dogs and we loved him.

When he left us, we decided not to get another kitty. Losing him was painful and the possibility of losing another was more than we could bear. But he left such a huge hole in our lives, it soon became unbearable to live without a kitty.

I went to TCRAS intending to find a black male cat and walked out with a female pinto tabby named Dulce. TCRAS had so many cats, a love long haired white and spotted female named Sophie - a real stunner. The biggest tabby I've ever seen in my life, Harry. And so many more great cats who needed someone to love them. After playing with the just about all of them, I finally noticed the little female in the cage on the far right.

There was nothing outstanding about this little one. At about 1 year old, she is minute - 4 pounds. As the other cats played in the room, she was quiet and watchful and curious. I got her out and she started purring. I flipped her on her back and rubbed her tummy, she purred some more. I think she was telling me, "I can pretty much handle anything (including those 2 big dogs you have at home) and I like you!"

So, I adopted her.

Dulce has settled in nicely, she never did hide in the house. She's getting used to the big, thundering dog who loves her so much, he can hardly stand it. I coo, "kitty, kitty" and Doc jumps up and goes and looks for her. I coo "kitty, kitty" and Dulce heads for the hills.

There never will be another Ditto for us, but I know when the time comes, we will also be saying "there never will be another Dulce."