Saturday, September 4, 2010

new puppy?

Well, since my friend Darlie adoped Atticus, I have to admit, I've had a little "puppy fever". I love the smell of puppies, I love that milky breath. That goes back to my childhood when our dachshound, Vickie, had a little of little plump sausages that are dachshound pups.

I've been pining about it. So, when Michaela, who helps Vernon, stepped out of her truck with a little black and white Aussie/Border Collie pup (black and white, like mine) who needed a home, my heart skipped a beat. She would be very like what Doc and Zoe might have had, had they been able to reproduce.

I scooped her up and took her in the house. She zoomed into the kitchen and, upon spying her own reflection in the trash compactor, screeched to a halt and went back to see just who was looking at her. Smart pup, thought I.

Having satisfied herself with the layout of the kitchen, she charged into the TV room and stood and watched the screen. Way smart pup, thought I.

She didn't seem to concern herself with Zoe's concern, which was great. Nor was she bothered by Doc's whining. Her response was to grab his toys and charge around the house. She jumped up and bit my face, then she tried to bite the toes of my shoes....hmmmmm.

Now, Doc and Zoe have seen a few pups in the last few days. Their reaction to this one was, in a word, alarm. This raging bundle of alpha-ness, really had them worried.

As I tried to comfort them, a slow vision formed in my mind. Chewed table legs. My lovely sofa with the stuffing out. My shoes, in the trash. I knew that this one would be our Hurricane Katrina.

This much intelligence and energy needed a home but not this home. She needs to herd cattle and hang out in barns. She needs to ride in a truck with someone like our trainer, Keith. Riding off to work. This one couldn't possibly be happy in a house like this, with people like us. When Michaela collected her and walked out the door, I swear Doc and Zoe thanked me, really thanked me. The relief washed over them. Phew, is what they seemed to say, thank heaven that's over.

Nope, Vernon doesn't have to worry about a new pup...yet.

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