Saturday, August 14, 2010

a new friend

Friday was a great day! Darlie brought her new adopted companion, Atticus (Italian Greyhound) and the dogs all got along just fine. Zoe was a bit jealous but she was when we got Doc, too. It's her nature but she gets over that pretty quickly.

Atticus was most interested in Ditto Cat - those ears shot up whenever he wandered through. Dogs, all dogs, love that cat. It's those mighty pheromones.

What a great little guy that Atticus is. He doesn't exhibit the shyness that a lot of sighthounds do - especially the little ones and he's about the tiniest (7 pounds, maybe) I've ever seen. He fell into lockstep with the big guys and even draped his little self across Vernon for a nap.

More and more, I am feeling the need to get a greyhound - Atticus has made that urge a lot stronger. Might just be time to adopt another off the track - they're such wonderful and dear companions. Doc might just have to share some of those toys.

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