Thursday, August 12, 2010


I love Ditto's paws. I love the way he stretches out his legs and just lightly touches me or Doc or Vernon - he just wants a little contact. Zoe, he never touches - she doesn't like it. Ditto is like a dog, call him and here he comes.

We put up a barn and got a cat. He adopted us. And, he is just about the sweetest cat (tied with Amos) we've ever had. No biting, no scratching, no destroying the house.

He's got one problem - he's the neighborhood serial killer. The John Wayne Gacy of Brittany Drive. This year, we've saved 2 baby bunnies from his clutches.

I've thought of ways to make him fat - that'd slow him down a bit but he's got a great metabolism - he doesn't even have the kitty fat flaps that cats his age (we estimate he's about 10 - 11) always get. Not Ditto, he also seems to be the Jack LaLanne of felines.

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