Thursday, August 5, 2010

how does he know?

My Doc is all about the Toys. We've never had a dog for whom they are quite so important to his total happiness. Consequently, as we wish to keep him happy, he has quite a selection of squeaky, plastic, plush and bits of what were once whole toys. His once plump California raisin now lies limp, robbed of its stuffing - sort of like a deflated furry purple balloon - with eyes. But, he does not love and respect this toy any less than the others.

Each morning he rises - ready for the day. "Doc, get a toy!" and off he charges to his toy box to make his first selection. "Daddy's going to get you!" and off he charges into the dining room. He lopes a lazy U turn there (under the dining room table) and charges back into the tv room, where we are, runs to Daddy, makes a sharp u turn and plops down on his striped pillow (Costco, about 20 bucks). This is his version of Keep Away (from Daddy).

The rest of the day is a wonderful ritual of selecting another toy from his box, charging around and dropping it anywhere, everywhere, in the house and outside in his enclosure. From the dining room window, I count about 10 outside. What a wonderful life he lives - toys, treats, hugs and "good boy!".

What I really can't figure out is how he knows which are his toys and which are ours (socks, shoes) because he has never, ever chewed on anything that doesn't belong to him. How does he know? He is a very good boy, indeed.

The picture above is baby Doc vigorously chewing on Bill Clinton - he stole this gift from Grandma to our now departed, dear cat, Amos (it has catnip inside). In this house there is only one King of the Toys and that is, of course, Doc. The images above that are of a very typical scene in our house, charging Doc and his "wealth". I count 9 toys he has gathered for his personal enjoyment.

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